Celebrity Chefs – in conversation with Rachel Green

We’re counting down the days to this year’s Festival of Food and Drink, and so is our celebrity chef Rachel Green.

Lincolnshire chef, author and food expert Rachel Green makes a welcome return to the Festival of Food and Drink at Clumber Park on Sunday 15th September. Known for her love of local produce, Rachel will be demonstrating delicious recipes in our free Cookery Theatre.

Ahead of her appearance, we had caught up with Rachel to find out what food floats her boat, what she loves and loathes, and who she’s inviting to dinner…

When did you first become interested in food and cooking?
From the age of five when I was given my first learn to cookbook by my Grandma Jessie

What’s your favourite thing to cook?
All types of game and fish. They are both wild foods and so healthy delicious. A chef’s delight, they bring out my wild side.

Is there a type of cooking or an ingredient you’d love to learn more about or how to use more? If so, what?
I am hopeless at making pasta have tried forever… its passable but its not good!

Can you name one ingredient you love cooking with, and one that you hate?
I love horseradish root, I hate liquorice

Starter or dessert?
Starter always!

Kitchen gadget you can’t do without?
My food processor the new Magi Mix, it saves me so much time.

Favourite restaurant – both locally and beyond?
For some great fun in the UK and great food, The Mytton. Chris Burt is an amazing chef, a wizard of taste and a great buddy. Noma for beyond.

What’s your simple foodie pleasure?
Lobster and chips – delicious!

If you could cook a three-course meal for four guests of your choosing (past of present) – what are you cooking and who’s coming to dinner?
My late partner Church, Johnny Cash, David Loftus, photographer genius, my best mate AJ, adding the wild touch, and my wonderful son Ollie.

Food would be simple so I can talk to my guests. Using my own lamb produce, it would be Lamb Meatballs, Garden Herbs, Chestnuts and Fig Molasses with a summer Squash Salad of crispy Shallots.

To start simple Cromer Crab and fresh asparagus out of my veg patch with homemade aioli. Pudding is difficult as I don’t have a sweet tooth but a Blackberry and Almond Cake with clotted cream would be nice and easy.

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