Join us for a Cocktail Making Masterclass with HUGO’s of Sherwood at the festival! 

Classes take place 1.15pm, 2.30pm daily

You’ll be welcomed by our very own master mixologist who will teach you the art of free pouring. Free pouring uses a counting system to enable you to pour spirits accurately without the need for any measuring equipment. It’s great fun!

Our master mixologist will then take you on an interactive journey to master the infamous Pornstar Martini! You will learn about the history of the drink, and we’ll throw in some fun facts which dazzle your dinner guests in the future. Of course you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labor with a drink of your very own.. 

We’ll then move onto mastering one of HUGO’s signature cocktails, The Blue Long. This requires a different technique to the Pornstar so you’ll learn two techniques which are the foundations for making many sumptuous cocktails. 


Sherwood’s independent and locally owned bar.


At HUGO’S, we aim to create a unique place for people to socialise and unwind in a comfortable and relaxing environment. As well as having a wide selection of fine wines, draft and bottled beers, we pride ourselves in making the best handcrafted cocktails and can cater for any taste with a drink of your very own..


For great ambience, a convenient location, exceptional customer service and cocktails of consistently high quality, Hugo’s is the place to go in Sherwood.

We get asked a lot about why we are called HUGO’S. Well this is our story.

Around 12 years ago we were sitting in our favourite restaurant in Sherwood and wanted somewhere to go afterwards, but there was nowhere really to go. We made a joke about having our own bar in Sherwood but nothing came of it.

Fast forward to 2017, when Hugo came into the world, and our life changed. Katharine, a primary school teacher, worked long hours and her husband Adam had his own business, but they wanted something more.

In December 2017, Katharine decided that she wanted to open her own business and leave teaching. A lot of hard work went into finding the right place. We wanted a community that we would get to know and whose customers would become friends.

Without a shadow of a doubt the bar was never going to be called anything else but HUGO’s, after our son. It is our legacy for him.

Since we have been open, we have met a lot of amazing people, many of whom have become great friends.

We continue to adapt and change and are astonished by the love and support from each and everyone of our customers.




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©The Festival of Food and Drink. All rights reserved.

©The Festival of Food and Drink. All rights reserved.