Attention Class – Gin School Returns

Prepare for a lesson like no other and let the GINstructors take you on a ginspirational journey of gin at Gin School.

The Gin School classes, held as part of The Festival of Food and Drink, will be held on both days at 12 noon, 1.30pm and 3pm on both days.

Attendees will get to learn about artisan gins, the story behind the brands and the botanicals used in each.

They’ll then get to taste five different gins and discover how to pair them perfectly for the palate – using tonics and garnishes to create refreshing flavours.

GINstructor Georga Spottiswood, and founder of Savour Magazine – which works with the UK’s artisan gin distilleries – said: “If you’re in a muddle with what mixer to use or you’re still putting lemons or limes in your gin, then this class is for you.

“Gin School teaches people all about small, craft distillers such as Christine, who at the age of 70 launched Christine’s Preserves – a range of jams and marmalades.

“Bored with making preserves, she then started producing gin, vodka and shimmer liqueurs, with the help of her son Hugh, and his partner, Charlotte. That led to Riverside Spirits being established and the flavours are sensational; with apple blossom shimmer gin liqueur, passionfruit gin and lotus flower shimmer liqueur in the range.”

The heavenly Archangel Gin is packed with botanicals, providing a rich, complex flavour profile.

The distillery is part of a working farm in Norfolk, which has been lovingly nurtured by the same family for more than 60 years.

“We aim to show people what’s out there. There is a huge selection of gins now available on the market, but Gin School aims to celebrate and support the small players, the independents, the people who put nothing but passion into their gin,” adds Georga.

Guests will also get to try out Sovereign Spirits Apple and Blackberry liqueur.

“Their Elderflower and Gooseberry liqueur went down an absolute storm at last year’s Gin School, so this year we’re putting people’s palates to the test with apple and blackberry,” says Georga.

Also new to this year’s Gin School is Culpeper Tonics. An innovative range made using British botanicals grown, gathered and hand-sourced by friends Jen Loxton and Vic Sedman.

“Our mission is to experiment with all-natural flavours to create delicious, ethical and sustainable tonic waters showcasing the best flavours of wild Britain. We carefully and responsibly gather ingredients from the wild and grow or hand-source those which cannot be sustainably foraged,” says Jen.

The popular Edinburgh Gin has also expanded its portfolio and those who love its Rhubarb and Ginger liqueur will get to try the new Rhubarb and Ginger full-strength gin at Gin School – which at 40% ABV is double the strength of the 20% ABV liqueur.

“We’ve also got the award-winning English Spirit Distillery at this year’s event. It was set up former biochemist, Dr John Walters, who decided to turn his talents to making spirits and who refuses to sell his range in big supermarket chains,” says Georga.

“His Dr J’s Gin uses only four botanicals as Dr John says, ‘simple pleasures are the most orgasmic’.”

Gin School is £14 and includes five G&T tastings, interactive talks as well as fun games with top prizes to be won.

Entry into The Festival of Food and Drink is £7.

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