Vaso brings new premium glass straws to Clumber Park

VASO brings a range of premium glass straws, providing a reusable solution to combat plastic waste, to Festival of Food and Drink.

UK based startup VASO is bringing a range of premium glass straws to Festival of Food and Drink to help combat the global plastic waste problem. Launched August 2019,  consumers can purchase packs of four glass straws that can be reused in the Food and Drink Marquee. Each four-pack of straws will be available in a variety of lengths; 15cm, 20cm, 23cm and 30cm at an introductory price of £11.99. 

Each straw is manufactured via a sustainable production process from German engineered AR-GLAS®, featuring rounded corners and shatterproof construction. The glass straws are made from natural components making them recyclable, sustainable, free from BPA, toxins, plastic and mineral oils. This provides users with a safe product that delivers a pure, unaffected taste compared to other reusable straws that are currently on the market. Due to the products construction the straws can be used for hot or cold beverages and are simple to clean, thanks to being dishwasher safe. 


“Recent data suggests that millions of plastic straws are used daily, which leads to billions of tonnes of plastic waste per year,” says Steve Mellor, Director of VASO Glass Straws Ltd. “This plastic waste finds its way in to our oceans and is creating an environmental impact. Our mission is to help reduce this waste by providing you with a reusable, sustainable solution that is fully recyclable to help reduce plastic waste.”

Eco-awareness is becoming a strong driver for consumer demand and the VASO product line offers consumers a reusable solution ahead of the UK ban on plastic straws being enforced in 2020. 

Many large corporations such as Hyatt and Disney have already implemented policies to ban single use plastic straws. VASO will be able to provide businesses with their own branded glass straws to help them meet environmental goals. 

See VASO in the main Food and Drink Marquee.

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