fire bbq demos with lumberjaxe flavour town fire stage

21st + 22nd September 2024

New for 2024 - Introducing ‘Flavour Town Fire Stage’ - take your BBQ to the next level!

Presented by LumberjAxe Food Company a premium producer of seasonings and sauces within the BBQ industry. Offering demonstrations throughout the weekend – join them as they fire up the festival and offer some tastings too!

LumberJaxe Food Company born from a passion of good food, barbeque, and grilling by 2 brothers from Birmingham.

Having enjoyed the journey of producing good food for good people, at a family barbeque, or for a home cook, they always aim to provide the best quality possible.

As a company, they strive to provide their customers with an authentic American barbeque experience from the heart of the UK. Providing high quality products to get the results you need!

See them in action and see how it is done across a range of BBQ equipment. Don’t miss it!

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