21st + 22nd September 2024

One of the biggest innovations in eating over the past few years has been the boom of Street Food and Bar vendors, bringing exciting flavours from around the world to the UK.

Street food vending is found all around the world but varies greatly between regions and cultures. For example, the street food of Vietnam is said to be fresh and lighter than many of the cuisines in the area, drawing heavily on herbs, chilli peppers and lime; While street food of Thailand is ‘fiery’ with Bangkok is often mentioned as one of the best places for street food such as pad thai (stir fried rice noodle), som tam (green papaya salad), sour tom yum soup, various selection of Thai curries.

Indonesian street food is a diverse mix of local Indonesian, Chinese, and Dutch influences while Indian street food is as diverse as Indian cuisine. Every region has its own specialties to offer. Some of the more popular street food dishes are Vada Pav, Aloo tikki, Kebabs, Tandoori chicken, Samosa, and Pakora.

Head to New York City and its signature street food is the hot dog, however, NYC street food also includes everything from spicy Middle Eastern falafel or Jamaican jerk chicken to Belgian waffles.

From the savoury to the sweet, you can find them all at The Festival of Food & Drink, with a huge range of street food companies in our fabulous Food area. 

With food from the Far East, Europe, USA and the best of Blighty, grab something delicious to eat from our range of Street Food, served by some of the best companies hand selected for you. 

Climb aboard the British Bus Bar or drop by Boston Shakers a for Mojito to wash it all down and soak up the atmosphere with live music playing through the day. Enjoy!

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