21st + 22nd September 2024

Get ready for an epic wine adventure with specialist wine-tasting company Taste First who will be uncorking up to six delightful wines, ranging from lighter and fruity selections hailing from the picturesque vineyards of Georgia and Romania to classics from Italy and France. There may also be some wines from further afield such as Chile, the USA, or Australia.

Nottingham-based Taste First are on a mission to make wine tastings a celebration where you can have fun, relax and enjoy different wines as you sip, swirl and discover new favourites.

Owner of Taste First, James Carson, will be running the tasting event. James set-up the small family business back in 2020 through a love of wine and a desire to offer exciting laid back tasting experiences to make wine more accessible for everyone.  They spent a lot of time putting together an exciting and different list of wines from large importers as well as some lovely, smaller family importers and offer one of the most eclectic mixes of flavours for people to try. They have their own tasting room in Arnold, Nottingham and will have a stand at the Festival of Food and Drink where you can find out more.


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